Maine Youth Football League
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 Jim McDonald
 President  207-632-1047
 Paul St. Pierre
 Vice President
 Sarah St. Pierre  Secretary  207-899-9140  sarahsaintpierre@hotmail.cpm
 Jim McDonald  Treasurer  207-632-1047
 Jonathan Berry
 Athletic Director
 Mort Soule
 Thad Chilton  Information Officer
 Kevin Martin
 South Officials
 Jonathan Berry  VP Youth Football  207-776-1785
 Ernie Johnson  Varsity HC
 Pete McCluskey  JV HC
 Bryon Crowder  Pee Wee HC
 Kim Burke  President Gridiron Club
 Chad Benedict
 Paul St. Pierre  JV HC
 Mort Soule
 President  207-400-9425
 Jay Lowe    Vice President  207-590-7445
 Nick Cliche  Field Director  207-712-7050
 Jason Jackson  Varsity/JV HC - Raiders  206-898-1499
 Mort Soule
 Varsity/JV HC - Cowboys  207-400-9425
 Brian Haapala  Varsity/JV HC - Steelers  207-409-2437
 Jim Temple  Pee Wee HC - Colts  207-400-9733
 Don Gillies  Pee Wee HC - Patriots
 Tom Desjardins  Director  207-409-3203
 Tony Napolitano  Varsity HC - Big Red
 Tim Downing  Varsity HC - Fire
 Tony Napolitano  JV HC - Big Red  207-939-1154
 Tom Desjardins
 JV HC - Fire  207-409-3203
 Jeff Smith  Pee Wee HC - Big Red
 Justin Dobson  Pee Wee HC - Fire
 Todd Riddle  President
 Jeremy Pelotte  Varsity, JV, Pee Wee HC  603-556-2163
The MFYL Directory is provided by member organizations to aid you in contacting coaches and officers. Please contact us with additions or revisions.